Bolier Grants for LPG

If you are on benefits and have no gas supply, then you may still be eligible to a BRAND NEW OIL or LPG boiler

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The UK Government’s ENERGY COMPANY OBLIGATION (ECO), if receiving one of the qualifying benefits and your boiler is 10 years or older, you may be entitled to grant funding towards a NEW A-RATED boiler.

Free boiler grants are funded by UK energy companies and do not need to be repaid.


Launched in January 2013 with the aim to help to reduce the UK’s energy consumption & provide low-income households grants, allowing them to greatly improve their homes energy efficiency.

The scheme is part of the ECO (Energy Company Obligation) & the Gas and Electricity order, this was passed in parliament in 2012. There is a total budget of £1.3 billion every year & is largely funded by UK utility companies.

ECO is made up of three obligations:
  • Affordable Warmth
  • Carbon Saving Community Obligation
  • Carbon Saving Obligation

Funding for the free boiler scheme is part of the Affordable Warmth group.

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The Affordable Warmth Obligation (HHCRO)

Also recognized as the Home Heat Cost Reduction Obligation, the obligation provides free boiler and insulation grants to private homeowners and tenants who receive certain means-tested benefits. It aims to reduce fuel poverty amongst low-income households by ensuring that heat is generated as efficiently as possible and is prevented from escaping from the home.

Eligible benefits

  • Income related tax credit and child tax credit
  • Employment and support allowance
  • Universal credit
  • Pension guaranteed credit
  • Income based job seekers allowance

Qualifying criteria

There are additional Criteria's as well as the above benefits, the total household income from all working-age residents must not exceed £16,010. This amount is the decision of the government.

The property needs to be a size that would generate sufficient savings from installing a new boiler. The savings made from upgrading a boiler in a flat are not deemed to be significant enough to justify any funding needed to cover the work involved.

Your present boiler must be a low-efficiency one. All boilers are rated by their energy efficiency, modern boilers work around 90% efficiency, with only a 10% loss in output when converting the fuel that is burnt to heat. A boiler that was installed ten or more years ago will probably be only around 65-80% efficient. If you upgrade to a new boiler the carbon savings will be significant enough to warrant the costs so will qualify under the free boiler scheme